Tools for Safety Professionals

Tasked with the awesome responsibility of providing the resources and expertise to help maintain public safety, health care professionals, safety advocates and Certified Passenger Safety Technicians can quickly and easily find information including Safe Kids research and statistics, unintentional injury fact sheets and position statements on critical injury risks including the following:

Position Statements
Safe Kids Worldwide has developed a series of position statements that offer guidance on safety areas where there may be conflicting opinions.
Educational Tip Sheets/Brochures
Here you can find educational tip sheet flyers/brochures that you can print:
Research Reports
Safety professionals, health professionals and parents rely on Safe Kids research to assess and improve child safety efforts. A National Survey of Parents' Attitudes and Self-Reported Behaviors Concerning Sports Safety (2011) is our most current report.
To download a copy, click here.

Hypothermia – NEVER Leave your child alone in a car!
Safe Kids Worldwide has designed comprehensive resources for parents, educators and safety professionals on the dangers of hypothermia and prevention strategies. Click here for more information.

New members are always welcome to join Safe Kids Lee/Collier Counties! To learn how you can become involved in Safe Kids Lee and Collier Counties, call 239-343-6199 or e-mail

National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program
The program certifies individuals as child passenger safety technicians and instructors. Tens of thousands of individuals have been certified since the program began in 1997.  
For information on how to become a Certified Passenger Safety Technician through Safe Kids Lee/Collier Counties, call 239-343-6199 or e-mail
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